Torsö + Los Flixs + GrGr

26. July 2019 @ 20:30
€ 9

Doors: 8.30 PM
Show starts: 9.15 PM
Cost: 9,- Euro

Torsö (D-Punk//Oakland, Ca)

Bay-Area-D-Beat-Punx finally back at Kafe Kult. Aware and critical Hardcore-Punk with members of Ritual Control, No Babies, Composite, Punch, Holy, Sheer Mag.


Los Flixs (Punk//Vienna, South-America)

South-American Punk located in Vienna. Melodic and straight to your heart. We could do plenty of name-dropping About associated Bands, but you gotta figure that out for yourselves. How? Hmm, Maybe attending the Show might be helpful. See you in the pit.

GRGR (8-Bit-Wave-Gameboypunk//München)

Dance, Dance, Dance! You know you want it!