Sean Noonan Picnic in the Snow + Alex’s Hand

30. May 2018 @ 20:30
€ 9

Sean Noonan Picnic in the Snow

Sean Noonan – Drums/Vocals/Compositions
Leo Gmelch – trombone
Enrico Sartori – saxophone
Stephan Lanius – Bass

Playing improvised music from Noonan’s Book of Comprovisation
The dining room table confines us three times a day, and quite frankly, that gets old. So come on out and experience Sean Noonan’s Picnic in the Snow since its more than any ordinary picnic! You’ll see, it will be one meal that you’ll remember for years to come.
“Independence might be the ruling concept of this drummer/leader’s career. It defines a common relationship not only among his hands, feet, and voice, but between his art and almost everything else in drumland”. Modern Drummer Magazine
“The drummer and composer Sean Noonan approaches postmodern jazz and world music from the same angle of self-discovery ….he manages to make his pieces speak coherently, and in a unified voice.” The New York Times

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