Demenzia Kolektiva + Sectmark + All my hate for…

8. September 2018 @ 20:30

+++++ unfortunatelty DEMENZIA KOLEKTIVA had to cancel +++++
+++ SECTMARK + ALL MY HATE FOR… are still playing tonight! +++

Demenzia Kolektiva | Punk//Wien

Straight-forward Punk, in your face while still melodic. You might recognise bandmembers from other Bands out of Vienna, but you gotta figure that out on your own. So do your homework, or don´t.. Whatever you do, got to the show and buy some records, keeping it real.

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Sectmark | Noisepunk//Rome

Soooo, you like Bands like S.h.i.t., Ajax, Glue or Impalers and you don´t mind Italy? Ok, this is your thing. Rawpunk with heavy distortion, catchy riffs and an attitude that will raise your spirits. Italian Hardcore-Punk taking your mind to sunny lands and make you happily question your sanity. Go for it, you know you want it!

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