Donnerstag | 6.9.2018: NOBUNNY + Slushy + GrGr

Doors: 20:30
Cost: € 12


The often amorous, and occasionally frightening NOBUNNY (one word, all caps) has been captivating audiences of dedicated fans and new believers since Easter 2001 (the day Joey Ramone died). Born in the desert outside of Tucson AZ, Nobunny started as an animal Elvis impersonator before deciding to try out his hand at songwriting. The raucous rabbit’s music is a intoxicating concoction of all the rights and wrongs that make up the heart and the soul of real rock n roll. Songs that sound as though they were written at the Brill building by a punk rock mutant back from the future. Some batshit brilliant bullshit.

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Slushy // Garage Pop // Chicago

Why didn’t the bicycle want to get up? It was two-tired!

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GrGr // Munich


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Freitag | 7.9.2018: Horror Vacui + The Bellicose Minds

Doors: 20:30
Cost: tba

Horror Vacui // Goth Rock/Post Punk // Italy

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The Bellicose Minds // Dark Post Punk // Portland, OR

The Bellicose Minds come from Portland Oregon where they began playing dark post punk music in the Fall/Winter of 2008/2009. They use big amps and electric drums to create music inspired by rain and clouds. They have toured in the US, Canada, and Europe to support our two main releases.

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Samstag | 8.9.2018: Demenzia Kolektiva + Sectmark

Einlass: 20:30
Beginn: 21:30

Eintritt: 8 Euro

Demenzia Kolektiva // Punk // Wien

Straight-forward Punk, in your face while still melodic. You might recognise bandmembers from other Bands out of Vienna, but you gotta figure that out on your own. So do your homework, or don´t.. Whatever you do, got to the show and buy some records, keeping it real.

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Sectmark // Noisepunk // Rome

Soooo, you like Bands like S.h.i.t., Ajax, Glue or Impalers and you don´t mind Italy? Ok, this is your thing. Rawpunk with heavy distortion, catchy riffs and an attitude that will raise your spirits. Italian Hardcore-Punk taking your mind to sunny lands and make you happily question your sanity. Go for it, you know you want it!

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Samstag | 15.9.2018: Hieb & StichFest #2

Doors: 14:00
Cost: tba

Second edition! Line up updates coming soon!

Line up:

Syndrome 81 (F)

Oi punk from Brest

Abfukk (D)

Asi Punk from Germany

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Post punk from Berlin


LoFi Punk from somewhere you’ve never been

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Akne Kid Joe (D)

Punk from Nuremberg




Freitag | 21.9.2018: Worldservice Project + 7for4

Worldservice Project // Brit Punk-Jazz (GB)

An intriguing mix of Frank Zappa, Weather Report, Meshuggah and Stravinsky – all spiralling around in a Monty Python universe

Winners of the Peter Whittingham Jazz Award, and nominated for ‘Young European Jazz Artist 2014’ WorldService Project are the leading specialists of Brit ‘punk-jazz’, two of the most alarming genre titles in the history of 20th Century music. Combined, they create an intriguing mix of Frank Zappa, Weather Report, Meshuggah and Stravinsky – all spiralling around in a Monty Python universe.

Having performed hundreds of concerts across 18 countries of the world, WSP have taken their intense live show to some of the world’s most respected festivals, including Tokyo Jazz Festival, Umea Jazz (Sweden), Tampere Jazz Happening (Finland), Ljubljana Jazz Festival (Slovenia), London Jazz Festival (UK), Gateshead International Jazz Festival (UK), Jazz sur son 31 (France), 12 Points Festival (Portugal), Jazz Art Sengawa (Japan) and in addition have toured extensively through Germany, Ireland, Poland, Estonia, France, Ukraine, Italy and Norway.

In 2013, WSP embarked on ‘Music and Miles’, a 35-date tour of the USA, visiting 17 States, and live performances in Chicago, Nashville, New Orleans, Detroit and Philadelphia.

2015/16 saw WSP’s first adventures in Asia, performing 20 concerts in China, including the world-renowned JZ Club in Shanghai and festivals in Shenzhen (OCT-LOFT), Shunde (Freedom Jazz) and Hangzhou (JZ Blooms). Trips to Japan and India followed, performing at the GOA International Jazz Festival, Tokyo Jazz Festival, Jazz Arts Sengawa, Pune Jazz Festival and the Piano Man Jazz Club in Delhi.

With tours across Asia, South America and Europe already booked for 2018, WSP launch their highly anticipated fourth album; Serve on Rare Noise Records

The epic and anthemic live sound of WorldService Project is both thrilling and heart-wrenching, with a theatrical live performance thrown in for good measure, as one of Europe’s finest live-acts.

Dave Morecroft – keyboards/vocals/compositions
Ben Powling – saxophone
Raphael Clarkson – trombone
Arthur O’Hara – bass
Harry Pope – drums


“…like Downton Abbey run by anarchists…a mesmerising combination of brutality and dark
humour. The razor-sharp rhythmic edges are polished, the ensemble is painfully slick, and you can smell the rubber burning from their stylistic handbrake turns”
Matthew Wright, Jazzwise – February 2015
“…burning drive and nutty energy…heavy jam-kindled brainstorming…their most lucid work.…”
Stephen Graham, marlbank.net – April 2016

“The collective crunch of that rhythm section underpinning lively brass is great, but applying their acumen toward a zany sense of humour goes a long way toward making the music a lot of fun, too. Mingus understood that. So did Rahsaan Roland Kirk and Frank Zappa. As does Mostly Other People Do The Killing today. Like those guys, Worldservice Project plays seriously complex music but they hadn’t forgotten about the main mission in music is to entertain their audience, to make them smile….Fire in a Pet Shop makes me smile.”
S Victor Aaron, somethingelsereviews.com (USA) – August 2013

“…stompingly raw and punky…a riotously entertaining live-band…highly creative”
John Fordham, The Guardian – September 2013

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7for4 // Progressive Fusion (D)

Die Instrumental-Band 7for4 macht vor nichts halt: Ob Funk, Jazz, Metal oder gar Country und Latin, sie packen das Beste aus unterschiedlichsten Stilistiken in außergewöhnliche, aber schlüssige Kompositionen und performen ihre Musik mit beeindruckender Virtuosität und großer Spielfreude.

“The power of metal, the elegance of jazz, the sophistication of progressive music…” (MJ Brady, ProGGnosis Magazine)
Wolfgang Zenk – Gitarre
Markus Grützner – Bass
André Schwager – Keyboards
Bebo Hermann – Schlagzeug
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Samstag, 23.06.2018: 20 Jahre Karawane München // 20 years of Karawane München

Die Karawane München feiert ihr 20jähriges Bestehen bei uns!

Einladung: 20 Jahre Karawane München | 23.06.2018 | Kafe Kult München|
In diesem Jahr feiert die antirassistische Gruppe Karawane München ihr 20-jähriges Bestehen. Seit 1998 kämpfen wir für gleiche Rechte für alle Menschen, gegen Diskriminierung und Ausgrenzung von Geflüchteten und gegen Abschiebungen. Dieser Kampf hat nichts an Aktualität verloren und momentan schlägt uns der Wind besonders heftig ins Gesicht. Gerade deshalb sind kontinuierliche Strukturen, die den Widerstand gegen rassistische Gesetze und Praktiken organisieren, wichtig. Es ist nicht selbstverständlich, dass es eine Gruppe, die in diesem Bereich Politik macht, über einen so langen Zeitraum gibt. Deshalb wollen wir an diesem Tag zusammen mit euch, unseren Genoss*innen und ehemaligen Weggefährt*innen, Freund*innen und Unterstützer*innen, feiern.

Wir laden euch ein, am 23.06.2018 ab 18 Uhr mit uns im Kafe Kult, Oberföhringer Str. 156, München zu feiern.
Es wird Konzerte und DJ*anes geben. Für Essen und reichlich Getränke ist gesorgt.

Kommt vorbei und stoßt mit uns auf 20 Jahre Karawane München an!


Invitation: 20 years Karawane München | 23.06.2018 | Kafe Kult Munich |

This year the anti-racist group Karawane München celebrates its 20th anniversary. Since 1998, we are fighting for equal rights for all people, against discrimination and exclusion of refugees and against deportations. Theese political fights are as present as ever before and at the moment we face particular severe resistance.
That is why continuous structures organising resistance to racist laws and practices are important. It is not self-evident that there is a group that has been making policy in this area for such a long time. That’s why we want to celebrate with you, our comrades and former companions, friends and supporters, on this day.

We invite you to the Kafe Kult, Oberföhringer Str. 156, Munich, on 23.06.2018 from 6 pm.
There will be concerts and DJ*anes. Food and plenty of drinks are provided.

Come by and drink with us to 20 years of Karawane München!

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Mittwoch | 18.07.2018: Knür + Caskar + Katafalk

Doors: 20:30
Cost: € 8


Hardcore/crust/punk band from Molins De Rei since 2016

Caskar (former Heavy Mädels)

Folk-Crust-Punk from Munich


Raw-Punk from Munich

Listen Online:

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Donnerstag, 03.05.2018: Iron Chic + Down and Outs + Salsa Shark

Doors: 20:30
Show: 21:30
Cost:  12€ at the door

Presale closed! Still Tickets available at the door, but better be quick!

Es gibt noch Tickets an der Abendkasse, taucht aber falls ihr noch kein Ticket habt, lieber zeitig auf.

If you did buy Tickets on Pre-Sale: please don´t forget to bring your Ticket or Paypal-Receit!

Falls ihr den Vorverkauf genutzt habt: bitte bringt euren Paypal Zahlungsbeleg oder euer Ticket mit!

Iron Chic//Pop Punk//Long Island, NY

Iron Chic are back on tour to fill your insides with shitloads of pop-punk goodness. Sing-A-Long punkrock without being cheesy or pathetic, rough and straight to your heart. The soundtrack to get over your darkest hours, even if your town has an Elm Street. New record out on SideOneDummy Records.

Down and Outs//Punk Rock//Liverpool

Hyper-melodic Punkrock to raise your fist in the air and scream along at the top of your lungs! Down and outs are kind of like the sunny side of the rainy UK, powerful tunes will make you feel better, even though the new Album goes by the name of “Double Negative”. New Album is out on Yo-Yo Records.

Salsa Shark//Pop Punk//Munich

Super fuzzy Pop-Punk by this lovely three piece from Monaco Di Bavaria. No new Record out.

Listen Online:


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Ins Kafe Marat verlegt! Freitag, 11.05.2018: Shizune + Lypurá

Doors: 21:00
Show: 22:00
Cost: 9€

Shizune//Screamo/Post Hardcore//Italy

… sind emotional und intensiv – was im Screamo als eine Selbstverständlichkeit vermutet werden mag, die in der Realität dennoch selten überzeugen kann. Shizune sind aktuell eines der besten Beispiele dafür, wie eine gelungene Mischung aus Leichtigkeit und Schwermut klingen kann. Eine Musik, die Träume und Verzweiflung eng miteinander zu verknüpfen weiß. Wer Referenzen braucht: wie Raein, aber weniger chaotisch. Wie La Quiete, aber weniger aufgeräumt.

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… sind diese Band, die erstmal niemand kennt und die dann den headliner kaputt spielen. Alles was sie dafür brauchen, ist ein kleiner Raum mit wenig Licht. Und zwanzig Minuten später fragen sich alle, was hier eigentlich grade passiert ist.

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