Jan 19 @ 14:00
  Im Januar ist es endlich wieder soweit! Unser Friends of mine Fest geht in die zweite Runde! Auch dieses Jahr haben wir wieder unsere Friends von nah und fern eingeladen um uns mit ihren… Continue reading Friends of mine Fest II
Feb 17 @ 20:30
Dividing Lines Dark and ghoulish Deathrock, just like in that nightmare you liked so badly. From Leipzig-Deathrock-City. >>facebook Ben Bloodygrave Synthie-driven Wavepunk from that City you like to pretend you´re from. Always darker days ahead… Continue reading Dividing Lines + Ben Bloodygrave + GrGr
Mar 7 @ 20:30
Fusel (Post-Punk-Noise//Gießen) Maike, Juliane and Christopher formed Fusel while helping a friend move house. After a few band practices confined to 14m2 they had already recorded their first album “Motel Without Pool”. Touring city and… Continue reading Fusel + Apian