Apr 2 @ 20:30
Drux//Hardcore Punk//Leipzig Drux play raging 80ies styled USHC, super-pissed with Riffs to kill, rough voice and in your face! Midtempo, hints of Boston, nods to New York, but always punk! Gopnik//Hardcore Punk/Fastcore//Berlin Dark and Brutal… Continue reading Drux + Gopnik + Nörgel
Apr 6 @ 20:30
  The Number Ones//Power Pop//Dublin “Three years since their debut LP, Dublin’s The Number Ones return with a new four track EP that confirms them as kings of pop. ‘Lie to Me’ is a bitter… Continue reading The Number Ones + Impulso
Apr 11 @ 20:30
Neighborhood Brats//USA „The Bay Area punk scene was the perfect launching point for Neighborhood Brats, and it all happened really fast amidst the madness of intense partying, hypocritical scene politics and wildfire gentrification. Founded by… Continue reading Neighborhood Brats + Fox Face
Apr 12 @ 20:30
IPPIO PAYO//Munich Ippio Payo ist das Alter Ego von Josip Pavlov – Musiker und Komponist aus dem Lebens- und Arbeitsumfeld München. Prägendes Mitglied diverser Bands – Majmoon, Das Weiße Pferd, The Grexits, Zwinkelman, NAQ. IPPIO… Continue reading So Beast + Ippio Payo
Apr 13 @ 20:30
Kurws//Poland (the) Kurws formed in May 2008 as an unexpected result of a ping pong session. Since then they have pursued their own search, not so much in defined genres, but within the very foundations… Continue reading Kurws + TALISIEN tale no. 8
Apr 28 @ 20:30
schlecht & schwindlig + kafe kult präsentieren: ZERUM//Crust/Sludge/Punk // Berlin ↠↠ website ED WARNER//Crust/Punk // Tours ↠↠ website ↠↠ facebook MY OWN VOICE // Hardcore // Mailand ↠↠ facebook CRISIS BENOIT // Grind/Crust/Powerviolence // Bologna… Continue reading Zerum + Ed Warner+ My Own Voice + Crisis Benoit + CC
May 1 @ 20:30
TARANTÜLA//Punk Rock Raging punk rock featuring members of Cülo. BOMBO//Post Punk/Noise ↠↠ facebook Listen Online: Amphetamine manimal by Tarantüla
May 3 @ 20:30
Advance tickets at BLACK WAVE RECORDS (Westendstr. 49) or  ONLINE (+ € 1 fee. Please print and bring the Paypal payment confirmation as your ticket!) Iron Chic//Pop Punk//Long Island, NY Iron Chic are back on tour to… Continue reading Iron Chic + Down and Outs + Salsa Shark
May 11 @ 21:00
Ins Kafe Marat verlegt! Facebook Event: hier. Doors: 9PM Show: 10PM Cost: 9€ Shizune//Screamo/Post Hardcore//Italy … sind emotional und intensiv – was im Screamo als eine Selbstverständlichkeit vermutet werden mag, die in der Realität dennoch… Continue reading Ins Kafe Marat verlegt! Shizune + Lypurá
May 17 @ 20:30
Daylight Robbery//Punk//Chicago Daylight Robbery make expansive sound for tight spaces. This Chicago trio of DIY scene anchors makes anxious post-punk for those who came to throw their bodies on the gears and those who came to… Continue reading Daylight Robbery + Hex + Cheap Surgery
May 21 @ 20:30
  ↠↠ FACEBOOK EVENT Hysterese//Punk//Tübingen This Four-Piece reminds a lot of classic Punkrock from Portland, Oregon or melodic swedish Bands from the same Genre. Mixed vocals, driving guitars and bass plus tight as fuck drums in… Continue reading Hysterese + Rauchaus
May 30 @ 20:30
Sean Noonan Picnic in the Snow Sean Noonan – Drums/Vocals/Compositions Leo Gmelch – trombone Enrico Sartori – saxophone Stephan Lanius – Bass Playing improvised music from Noonan’s Book of Comprovisation The dining room table confines… Continue reading Sean Noonan Picnic in the Snow + Alex’s Hand
Jul 18 @ 20:30
Knür//Crust//Barcelona ↠↠ facebook Heavy Mädels Mädlz Band aus Minga Oida! Katafalk Listen Online: Split w/Opa Hostil by Knür 
Aug 25 @ 22:00
Bat Society // Party Independent-goth, post punk, wave, minimal PARTY, die die frühen Jahre der Szene wieder aufleben lässt.
Sep 6 @ 20:30
BUY TICKETS ONLINE: NOBUNNY // USA The often amorous, and occasionally frightening NOBUNNY (one word, all caps) has been captivating audiences of dedicated fans and new believers since Easter 2001 (the day Joey Ramone died).… Continue reading NOBUNNY + Slushy + GrGr
Sep 7 @ 20:30
  Horror Vacui // Goth Rock/Post Punk // Italy ↠↠ facebook  The Bellicose Minds // Dark Post Punk // Portland, OR The Bellicose Minds come from Portland Oregon where they began playing dark post punk music in… Continue reading Horror Vacui + The Bellicose Minds
Sep 8 @ 20:30
+++++ unfortunatelty DEMENZIA KOLEKTIVA had to cancel +++++ +++ SECTMARK + ALL MY HATE FOR… are still playing tonight! +++ Demenzia Kolektiva | Punk//Wien Straight-forward Punk, in your face while still melodic. You might recognise… Continue reading Demenzia Kolektiva + Sectmark + All my hate for…
Sep 15 @ 16:30
  BUY TICKETS ONLINE:  Das Hieb&Stichfest möchte einen Ort schaffen, an dem wir uns alle mal einen Tag lang ausruhen und Kräfte sammeln können. Wir möchten mit euch rumhängen, Pommes essen, gute Musik hören und… Continue reading Hieb & StichFest #2
Sep 20 @ 20:30
Das Online Vorverkaufskontingent ist mittlerweile ausverkauft. Es gibt noch einige Karten bei BLACK WAVE RECORDS und eine kleine Abendkasse. Buy Tickets Online: TRAGEDY (USA) Hardcore punk NÖRGEL (München)  Hardcore punk   
Sep 21 @ 20:30
Worldservice Project // Brit Punk-Jazz (GB) An intriguing mix of Frank Zappa, Weather Report, Meshuggah and Stravinsky – all spiralling around in a Monty Python universe Winners of the Peter Whittingham Jazz Award, and nominated for ‘Young… Continue reading Worldservice Project + 7for4