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Freitag, 13. April 2018: Kurws + Talisien tale no. 8


(the) Kurws formed in May 2008 as an unexpected result of a ping pong session. Since then they have pursued their own search, not so much in defined genres, but within the very foundations of rock, expression, and sound. It is a workshop where improvisation penetrates through composed material, a congealed form of the creation process. Armed with repetitions, recombinations, variations and contrasts, they frolic with memory and expectations. Post punk, Krautrock, rock in opposition, funk, no wave – they present modes of playing, motives, and riffs we have heard time and time again in a totally different context, dissected from their original environment, placed side by side, used in a brand new manner, deconstructed and distilled.

Their debut album “Hole in the ghetto” (released in a “joint venture” by Qulturap, Oficyna Biedota, Trująca Fala, Blinded) came out in 2011 and it bid its release in the US by Bat Shit Records. In the meantime, in 2012, they created Pustostany(released in 2017 on vinyl by Sweet Rot Records) – an emphemeral band with Maciek Salamon from the bands Gówno and Nagrobki as vocalist. In 2014 a second album of the Kurws, entitled “Wszystko co stałe rozpływa się w powietrzu” / “All that is solid melts into air” was released on CD by Gusstaff Records (CD) and in Spring 2015 on vinyl (Gaffer Records / Red Wig records & tapes). Same year it’s become a record of a day at WFMU radio. In September 2017 the band has published their third album entitled “Alarm“ on CD (by Gustaff Records once again), its LP release has materialized November same year (cooperatevely by Red Wig, Mon Cul C’est Du Tofu? and Jacob Records).
During nearly 10 years of existance the band has played numerous gigs throughout Europe. In August 2017 They’ve toured extensively Russia, literaly through all the continent – from St. Petersburg to Vladivostock.

The band still consider themselfs as faithful henchmen of DIY principles.

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TALISIEN tale no. 8//Munich

Jazzcore, Prog, Blastbeats – diesmal im klassischen Stil
Double Bass: Georg Janker
Sopr.Sax.: David Jäger
Dr.: Herbert Schneider

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