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Mittwoch, 21.03.2018: Warm Bodies + Caves + Salsa Shark

Warm Bodies
Crazy punk//Kansas City//MO, USA

Warm Bodies are a group of petrol lickers who came together in rural Knob Noster Missouri over a shared appreciation for Parmesan cheese and peanut refinement. Jordan is by far the oldest member who has glasses, Miss Lady and Natural Man together work in the sciences and ICE plays the drums. Collected essentially at the wishes of corporate they search and destroy in various American styling. Hold the petroleum jelly and look out The Beatles- it’s the WARM BODIES.

Pop-Punk//Pop punk//Bristo,USA

Caves are a DIY punk band from Bristol, U.K. and do fantastically raw and melodic pop-punk. You probably remember them from their last amazing Munich show at Kafe Marat.

Salsa Shark
If you live in Munich, you should know these 3 people making fuzzy noisy pop punk.

Doors: 8.30 pm
Show starts: 9.30 pm
Entrance fee: 10 Euro