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Mittwoch, 14.03.2018 Silent Era + Brettern

Silent Era
Punk, Post-Punk//Oakland, San Francisco

Straight from the Bay Area, Silent Era play dark and melodic Anarcho-Punk (or Post-Punk, because everythings kinda Post-Punk today, isn´t it?). Dark and moody Pop sure does come to mind listening to these tunes, but so do rough and melodic Punk-Outfits from the UK, think of Leatherface or HDQ. Multiply with the Post-Punk darkness of  your favourite Post-Punk-Band and watch as all your hopes and your dreams silently vanish in the horizon. New Record comes out April 2nd with our friend Franz on Sabotage Records.

Postpunk, Noise, Shoegaze//München

Früh-80er Postpunk in falschen Farben, schonmal Death-Rock-Platten gehört und dabei DIY-Punk geblieben.

Doors: 8.30 PM
First Band: 9.30 PM
Entrance Fee: 9,- Euro