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Samstag, 02.12.2017: Ni + Taliesin Tale No. 5


*Ni* ??Bourg En Bresse, France??

We could just say that Ni is an instrumental rock band. We could just say that, grab a good coffee and look at their last album cover by thinking we’re enjoying the balcony. Wecould just be happy that the spring is coming back and that we can hear the birds singing all afternoon. We could just tell ourselves that we have waited a long time for it. However, to complicate it a little, we can also say that Ni is a four-headed monster. The big bad Ni has left the linear roads of the French department of Ain – from which it came – in order to live in a complex world paced by electrical sounds and varying polyrhythms. In its temple, shouts of the quartet make the windows crack, a stunning nervousness makes the walls stand and, finally, the strong foundations remove from ages to come all doubts regarding the durability of all these things. Inside, it is always like a squall: children run in all directions and parents dance around the bonfire. The waltz, the 4/4 time signature and verse and chorus structures take one last breath before being burned to ashes at the core of this fire. After two EPs and many terrific tour dates in Europe that have almost broken the stage, it is time for Ni to release an album. « Les insurgés de Rumilly » invites all those who like frantic riffs to a huge party that celebrates a sweet barbarism. No reply is expected.

Anthony Béard : guitare
Nicolas Bernollin : batterie
Benoit Lecomte : basse
François Mignot : guitare



*Taliesin Tale No. 5* ??München??

Kraut-Psychedelic-Jazz-Prog-Jam aus Kafe Kult und Freunde Beständen.