Sonntag, 27.08.2017: Oozing Wound + Support

Oozing Wound Chicago, USA

Oozing Wound ist ein Chicagoer Trio, bestehend aus Zack Weil (Gitarre, Gesang), Kevin Cribbin (Bass) und Kyle Reynolds (Schlagzeug), das verdammt guten, lupenreinen Thrash-Metal – mit einem gewissen Augenzwinkern – spielt. Sound und Vocals erinnern gelegentlich etwas an Mille und Kreator in der Pitchfork-Variante (7.7 für das letzte Album “Earth Suck” übrigens), außerdem haben die drei Musiker in kürzester Zeit im Chicagoer Underground etabliert und spielten in Bands wie Cacaw, Unmanned Ship, ZATH und Bad Drugs.

“Oozing Wound is Zack Weil (guitar, vocals), Kevin Cribbin (bass), and Kyle Reynolds (drums), young men that have established themselves in the volatile Chicago underground in a short time, playing in Cacaw, Unmanned Ship, ZATH, Bad Drugs, and countless other groups that have populated packed, sweaty basements and lofts throughout the city. Simultaneously hilarious and terrifying, their debut album, Retrash, is made for people who have no faith in melody and happiness, and no resistance to heavy riffage. This is music by and for people with a desire to slay.

The band channels the inner 15 year old, offering little distinction between comedy and antagonism. As Weil puts it, Oozing Wound is defined by, “loud fucking guitars and screaming and shit. We don’t sing, and we don’t write big choruses. Anything like that gets checked by the wayside because, fuck it, it’s not us.””