Donnerstag, 06.04.2017: Toys That Kill + Irish Handcuffs

Toys That Kill San Pedro, USA

“Where the punk rock landscape is littered with generic, fashion-conscious pap, Toys That Kill are everything that’s good about punk rock: distinctive, aggressive, energetic, melodic, fun and smart.”

Hervorgegangen ist die Band aus San Pedro, Kalifornien aus den unglaublichen F.Y.P – deren rotzig-juveniler Hardcore entwickelte sich mit der Zeit zu etwas mehr und mehr Melodischem, die Texte bekamen eine seltsam dadaistisch-sarkastische Note und es war an der Zeit, etwas Neues zu beginnen.

Und so sind seit zwölf Jahren nun Toys That Kill Garanten für fulminante Live-Shows und grandiose Songs: hymnisch-euphorischer Punkrock mit noisig-schrägem Pop-Appeal, den TTK-typischen Akkordwechseln und perfekt ausgeklügelten Gitarrenarrangements. Dazu die unverwechselbaren Stimmen von Todd Congelliere und Sean Cole und die bissig bis nihilistischen Texte, manchmal mehr gefaucht als gesungen.

Das aktuelle Album “Sentimental Ward” erschien letztes Jahr auf dem bandeigenen Label Recess Records (u.a. Japanther, Pinhead Gunpowder, I Spy…).



Irish Handcuffs Regensburg

Since late 2011, IRISH HANDCUFFS from Regensburg, southern Germany, have been dedicated to two things: playing catchy as hell punk rock and avoiding serious jobs and careers despite an average age of 33,25 years. During the first two years they released an ep and two split-singles and played numerous tours and shows with bands like FACE TO FACE and TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET. In 2014 the band followed that with around 50 shows with the likes of BOYSETSFIRE or NO WEATHER TALKS, as well as recording and releasing their debut record „Hits Close To Home“. The following year started off with support slots for long-time favorites like SWINGIN UTTERS or LAGWAGON and saw IRISH HANDCUFFS perform in nine different countries, including a two-week tour of the UK and short tour of the US East Coast and Florida, ending at the annual punk rock party that is THE FEST in Gainesville. So what does 2016 have in store? The band is currently working on full length number two, the first tours and weekenders are booked and the plan is to play as many shows as possible, without drifting into absolute poverty.

„Hits Close To Home“ was met with overall great reviews, here are some examples…

„Songs like the opener and Pacemaker „should’ve run“ or the sensitive „chasing ghosts, killing time“ really hit the nail on the head! […] so it’s fitting, that the finishing touches were made at the Blasting Room studios by Jason Livermore.“ (Ox Fanzine)

„That’s how simple a good song can be. Or a great record […] that also a Billie Joe Armstrong would’ve been proud of. “ (.heartcooksbrain)

„The current German punk scene is doing a lot of things right. Irish Handcuffs sit at the top of this scene, cementing their place with their first full length album. […] Irish Handcuffs have always had a good sense of letting their influences run through their sounds without ever sounding like a carbon copy of their heroes, and Hits Close To Home gets as close to perfecting that balance as possible.“ (

Einlass: 20:30 Uhr
Beginn: 21:15 Uhr
Eintritt: 10 Euro