Freitag, 11.09.2009: Sister Spit: the next generation

Sister Spit: the next generation San Francisco, USA

Sister Spit waren ein lesbisch-feministisches Spoken Word/Performance-KunstKollektiv aus San Francisco, das von 1994 bis 2006 existierte. 2007 startete Mitgrnderin Michelle Tea mit neuen Knstlerinnen Sister Spit: the next generation.
Das Ladyfest Mnchen Team holt in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Kafe Kult diese “fantastic female underground talent gang” mit Spoken Word, Performance, Lesung und Projektion im September nach Mnchen.


Michelle Tea
“The much beloved Michelle Tea is nothing if not prolific. Author of three memoirs, a book of poetry, editor of two anthologies and contributor to dozens has most recently collaborated on an illustrated novel, and has been working on both a screenplay and a science fiction novel. Her work is often brutally honest, both about growing up in impoverished Chelsea, Massachusetts, and in writing about her sexuality in a way that often gets her labeled “transgressive.” She was awarded a Lambda Literary Award for Best Lesbian Fiction and was co-founder of the now legendary all-girl poetry roadshow Sister Spit” –

Cristy C Road
CRISTY ROAD, author and illustrator of Indestructible and Bad Habits, about self-medication, punk rock, feminism, Cuban-American families and girl crushes! Iconic illustrator who has designed zine covers, graphic novels, album covers, logos and all kinds of memorable works in the punk rock sphere.

Rhiannon Argo
RHIANNON ARGO, skater, future librarian, present novelist. Author of the queer tour-de-force The Creamsicle, which takes you into the lives of pill-popping, pole-dancing, heart-breaking, gender-fucking young queers as they try not to get evicted from their San Franciscan flophouses. Rhiannon will make you giggle and gasp with tales of squalor and splendor!

Kirk Read
KIRK READ, performance art provocateur and aithor of How I Learned to Snap, about theater fags, high school and the American south!

Chelsea Starr
CHELSEA STARR, writer, DJ and fashion designer, whose zines and chapbooks explore sex work, small town lezzie bars and broke-ass childhoods

Kat Marie Yoas
Kat Marie Yoas is a working class performer, writer and rascal about town. Catch her work in We Don’t Need Another Wave.

Em Ledger
Based in the UK, Em runs riot grrrl collective Lola and the Cartwheels and writes ‘The World’s A Mess and Yr My Only Cure’ zine.


Einlass: 20 Uhr
Eintritt: 3-5 (Soli frs Ladyfest)