Freitag, 02.09.2016: Neighborhood Brats + Support


L.A. Punk band founded in 2010 aiming to be the “ultimate SF party band.
Their live shows are a unique experience as front woman Jenny explains: “I kind of have an out of body experience when we play,” she says. “It’s a weird dichotomy, I completely check into my body and leave it at the same time. I’m somewhere floating above the ceiling looking down. My body feels like those old people in that movie Cocoon, when they’re all neon.”

After a short year long hiatus, the band reformed in early 2016 relocating (yet again) back to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Neighborhood Brats have started working on new material and recruited Tony Teixeira on bass and Luke Swarm on drums. Between the two of them, they’ve played in Swingin’ Utters, Dead to Me, Western Addiction, Cobra Skulls, Boys on the Wall and countless others.

They will only be playing a couple of exclusive European shows!

+ support

Fr. 2.9. | Kafe Kult | 21 Uhr


Sonntag, 04.09.2016: Radioactivity + Bad Sports

Radioactivity USA

Radioactivity sind das neue Projekt von The Marked Men’s Jeff Burke und Mark Ryan!

Wer Marked Men liebt, kommt an Radioactivity nicht vorbei! Großartiger, mitreißender Punk Rock mit Potential zur neuen Lieblingsband!

Band members include Jeff Burke, Mark Ryan, and Gregory Rutherford whose credits read like an all-star lineup of Texas punk and garage rock royalty, including The Marked Men, Mind Spiders, Bad Sports, Wax Museums, The Reds, and The Novice. They will also be joined by guitarist Stephen Svacina of Austin’s Sweet Talk.


Bad Sports USA

Garage Punk Rock (Denton, TX)


Donnerstag, 15.09.2016: Instinto + Σκουριά

Instinto Barcelona

“(…) Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, Instinto have released their sophomore album and have once again created timeless, classic as fuck, and incendiary crust punk that is just a fucking adrenaline ride through the torments and flaws of modern society, and an emotional rollercoaster of rage from which it will be impossible to get off. Furious guitars, a bulldozing rhythm section, and ripping smoke-torn vocals that call for blood at the top of their lungs is what Insitinto have brought you; a storming and raging punk-metal opera that will shake you to the core and will be impossible to forget. (…)” (Review from CVLT Nation)


Σκουριά Munich

Einlass: 20:30 Uhr
Beginn: 21:30 Uhr
Eintritt: 8 Euro



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