Samstag, 07.03.2105: Monolord + Salem's Pot

Spring Void Vol. 2

The Tripped out doomsters from Sweden MONOLORD & SALEM’S POT about to bring their heavy soundwall to Munich. Let’s roll!

Monolord Schweden
Formed in 2013, this band is made up of Swedish rockers Thomas Jäger, Esben Willems, and Mika Häkki. Both Jäger and Willems were in the Swedish boogie rock band Marulk and started Monolord as a side project as a way to play some more heavier tunes, they quickly added Häkki (from The Don Darlings, ex Rotten Sound) and realized that they had something very special between the 3 of them. Monolord became very real very quickly and recording commenced in early 2013. Thomas Jäger had not sung in a band before this one, but you would never know it by the sound of it. Having met RidingEasy Records head hauncho Daniel Hall over instagram in May of 2014 when the record was ready to listen to, RidingEasy was one of the first that it was sent to and picked up the band immediately after hearing the finished album Empress Rising that then was released worldwide on April 1. The second album, Vænir, will be released worldwide April 28th.


Salem’s Pot Schweden

Doom out of Sweden is almost always guaranteed to be fucking good, so why would the case be any different for Salem’s Pot? After two demo releases (Sweeden and Watch me Kill You/Run The Night), the band members gather all their strength and their mind-altering practices and let loose upon the world the psychedelic stoner/doom treat that is Lurar ut dig pa Prarien.

The trippy introduction to “Creep Purple” makes you feel dizzy and disoriented as the crazy effects hover over your head. The heavy riffs come soon after, and you can feel the presence of acts such as Electric Wizard in Salem’s Pot vision of a terrifying living doom nightmare. The insane bass and drums lead the way through their heavy rhythm as the fuzzy guitars paint the whole soundscape in psychedelic colors.


Montag, 16.03.2015: Class + Frana

Class IT

CLASS is a Hardcore-Punk fourpiece from Milano sharing members with Italian vegan powerviolence ragers HOLY. CLASS play the wide field of trashcore leading punk to new hights of hardcore somwhere in between Sanfranciscos PUNCH and Olympias HYSTERICS. Go, see for yourself!”



Frana München

“Frana is Luca (guitar, voice), Fra (bass), Luigi (guitar) and Sascha (drums), a noise/post-hardcore band based in Munich. They like to play loud and talk mostly nonsense. Take some powerful noiserock with a sharp post-hardcore edge, frantic and restless, and you get Frana’s sound. Nervous rhythmics evolve into screams, open twangy tunes and sturdy energetic riffs.
Their new EP “Odds And Ends” is going to be freshly released on 12” vinyl, thanks to a cool german-italian co-production (you can already get a bite of it on Neat is Murder). Bring the confetti!”



Donnerstag, 19.03.2015: Oozing Wound + Concierge

Oozing Wound Chicago, USA

Oozing Wound is Zack Weil (guitar, vocals), Kevin Cribbin (bass), and Kyle Reynolds (drums), young men that have established themselves in the volatile Chicago underground in a short time, playing in Cacaw, Unmanned Ship, ZATH, Bad Drugs, and countless other groups that have populated packed, sweaty basements and lofts throughout the city. Simultaneously hilarious and terrifying, their debut album, Retrash, is made for people who have no faith in melody and happiness, and no resistance to heavy riffage. This is music by and for people with a desire to slay.

The band channels the inner 15 year old, offering little distinction between comedy and antagonism. As Weil puts it, Oozing Wound is defined by, “loud fucking guitars and screaming and shit. We don’t sing, and we don’t write big choruses. Anything like that gets checked by the wayside because, fuck it, it’s not us.”


Oozing Wound – Welcome To The Spaceship, Motherfucker from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.


Concierge München

Schön düsterer Hardcore aus der Stadt.



Freitag, 20.03.2015: Picastro + Khôra

Picastro Polyvinyl Records/Monotreme – Toronto, CAN

Zwischen Schönheit und gespenstischer Eindringlichkeit kreieren Picastro aus Toronto minimalistische bittersüße Melodien. Die geraunten und bewegenden Vocals von Sängerin Liz Hysen werden auf minimalistische Weise begleitet von Soundscapes voller Streicher, Acoustic-Gitarren, einem leisen Schlagzeug und Piano. Auf Platte wurden Picastro auch bereits von Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy, Arcade Fire) und Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart unterstützt.

Art Rock der traurigen, melancholischen Art, irgendwie folky angehaucht, irgendwie lo-fi, irgendwie weird, immer ergreifend. Musik zwischen PJ Harvey, Codeine, Black Heart Procession, Dirty Three, Nina Nastasia und Elliott Smith.


Khôra Constellation Records, Toronto CAN

Khôra is an experimental music project of Toronto resident Matthew Ramolo aimed at blurring the lines that separate the organic and synthetic, improvisation and composition. The emphasis in Khôra’s music is distributed between interlocking melodies (nested arpeggios, broken fugal voices, etc.) performed on acoustic and electronic instruments and experimentation involving field recordings and analogue/digital processing. From moving sparseness to fervent density, the music summons the spirit of eastern modes, contemporary classical, avant and sacred minimalism, experimental rock, and various forms of electronic music.

Einlass: 20:30 Uhr
Beginn: 21:30 Uhr
Eintritt: 10 Euro



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