Donnerstag, 18.09.2014: High Dive + The Liberation Service

High Dive Bloomington, Indiana, USA

“We are a 5-piece powerpop/pop-punk band from Bloomington, IN!”

High Dive started as a 3-piece in Bloomington, Indiana in 2010 and released our self-titled debut album in December of 2011. Since then, we have grown to include more people and instruments and broadened our musical influences, releasing a digital-only EP, “These Are Days,” in June of 2013. We plan to spend a good part of 2014 touring and recording our next full length album.

Mitglieder von Defiance, Ohio und One Reason!



The Liberation Service AT

THE LIBERATION SERVICE are a folky Punkrock 5-piece from southern Austria. Formed in late 2009, they soon played their first shows and got quite around already. Each of them brought his/ her own musical experience into the band to combine all different influences in this project.

Expect some folky tunes in the vein of early Against Me! or Frank Turner and some rockier and punkier stuff as well, always accompanied by some heart-shaking sing-along phrases and well expressed political punkrock-attitude statements.

If you have the chance to, go and check them out live, since they are a blast.”


Einlass: 20:30 Uhr
Beginn: 21:15 Uhr
Eintritt: 8 Euro


Freitag, 26.09.2014: Le Silo

Le Silo Japan
Genre: RIO, Avant-Prog

Miyako Kanazawa – Piano
Yoshiharu Izutsu – Gitarre
Michiaki Suganuma – Schlagzeug

Das Trio aus Japan spielt avantgardistischen Progressivrock mit latenter Punkrock Attitüde. Nur extrem selten in Europa live zu erleben.

“8.8” (2004)
“3.27830” (2006)



Samstag, 27,09.2014: Up-wÄrts - Klappe die Achte

Todeskommando Atomsturm
Punkrock, München

Powerviolence/Harcore, München

Punk-Party all night long mit den DJanes
SoFire & Suzy Goodbye

Queer Shorts – queeres Überraschungsprogramm

Infoladen Büchertisch !

DIY Buttons !

Wie gehabt Getränkespecial!

Eintritt: 5,- Euro


Samtag, 04.10.2014: Sun Worship + N

Sun Worship Berlin

Ob in frostigen skandinavischen Wäldern oder der weitläufigen neuköllner Urbanität – Tristesse bleibt Tristesse. Die Berliner Band Sun Worship kanalisiert diesen Zustand in einen eisigen Speer von harscher Schönheit. Das Resultat ist eine Art von Black Metal die ohne Affektiertheit, Theatralik und zweifelhaften ideologischen Überbau auskommt; eine gleichermaßen abgespeckte wie dichte Klanglandschaft, mit Postpunk-geschultem Blick erschlossen und auf das Wesentliche reduziert. Die Musik von Sun Worship ist sowohl eine entfernte formell-ästhetische Hommage an eine Ära in der diese Art von Musik erstmals spirituell erfahrbar wurde als auch zeitlose Katharsis durch Brachialität, Geschwindigkeit und Lautstärke.




The music of N is like a mirror of the moment. regardless how much thinking and planning went before. the sound captured by a “live”-recording setting comes directly from the inside. amps + guitar are the instruments used, there is no cut and paste afterwards nor any overdub…

All N-work is counted by numbers that reflect the timeline of recording and / or the moment of the conclusion to go for the certain concept. All N-recordings (with the possible exception of single-tracks) deal with a real place and so the title of any album does.

N decided to focus on the freshness that can only be achieved by recording-while-playing-the-first-time and went for that concept on all solo-recordings since then, using a one guitar / two amplifiers setup with a chain of pedal-effects in between. with this it is possible to record exactly what happened in the moment of the inspiration. creating an aesthetic in sound that is based on a certain warm deepness, being highly attractable both for player and listener. during live-performance, N does not use any backing tapes nor prefabricated loops.



Sonntag 05.10.2014: Bad Vision + Frana

Bad Vision Australien

Knackiger, gemischter Vierer aus Melbourne, der seit 2011 sein Unwesen treibt und sich musikalisch irgendwo zwischen Garage, Post-Punk und Proto-Punk bewegt. Beeinflusst ist das Quartett ganz klar von Jay Reatard, den Hot Snakes, aber auch Mission Of Burma oder den Saints. “Like a dirty takeaway on a Friday night, it hits the spot and goes well with beer.”



Frana München

Frana is a four-piece noiserock/post-hardcore band based in Munich.

The band starts in 2012 with the will of Luca (guitar, voice) and Fra (bass) to shake Bavaria with their noise-core ideas and attitude. After struggling with looking for a drummer in town, they bump into Niccolo’ (drummer) who just moved to Munich and Luigi, former bass player who switches then to guitar.
Inspired by the style of 90s bands like Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, Shellac and Unsane, they performed live in southern Germany and northern Italy and already recorded some material. The music is dynamic and direct like a punch in the stomach, the rhythmic does not let you rest.




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