Donnerstag, 23.07.2015: Nervous + Support

Nervous Oakland, USA

From Oakland, California, Nervous consists of frontman Jake Spek (Lewd Acts) and drummer Jacob Harris (Big Kids, Acid Fast). Best friends and co-pilots of Oakland DIY venue The Hive, Spek and Harris have announced Nervous to be their new priority. This is no side project, it’s a real band with its own sound.

There’s something of a Nirvana vibe with Nervous – or, more accurately, the band is inspired by many of the same bands Kurt Cobain espoused: Wipers, Pixies, The Jesus Lizard. Spek and Harris take these inspirations and twist them into anxiety-ridden California punk anthems. Spek’s unhinged vocals are an absolute standout, something like David Yow in a really fired-up mood. His lyrics address true everyday struggles of the broke, lazy, and intelligent, and honesty seeps through his every word.




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