Sonntag, 27.08.2017: Oozing Wound + Taliesin Tale No. 4

Oozing Wound Chicago, USA

Oozing Wound ist ein Chicagoer Trio, bestehend aus Zack Weil (Gitarre, Gesang), Kevin Cribbin (Bass) und Kyle Reynolds (Schlagzeug), das verdammt guten, lupenreinen Thrash-Metal – mit einem gewissen Augenzwinkern – spielt. Sound und Vocals erinnern gelegentlich etwas an Mille und Kreator in der Pitchfork-Variante (7.7 für das letzte Album “Earth Suck” übrigens), außerdem haben die drei Musiker in kürzester Zeit im Chicagoer Underground etabliert und spielten in Bands wie Cacaw, Unmanned Ship, ZATH und Bad Drugs.

“Oozing Wound is Zack Weil (guitar, vocals), Kevin Cribbin (bass), and Kyle Reynolds (drums), young men that have established themselves in the volatile Chicago underground in a short time, playing in Cacaw, Unmanned Ship, ZATH, Bad Drugs, and countless other groups that have populated packed, sweaty basements and lofts throughout the city. Simultaneously hilarious and terrifying, their debut album, Retrash, is made for people who have no faith in melody and happiness, and no resistance to heavy riffage. This is music by and for people with a desire to slay.

The band channels the inner 15 year old, offering little distinction between comedy and antagonism. As Weil puts it, Oozing Wound is defined by, “loud fucking guitars and screaming and shit. We don’t sing, and we don’t write big choruses. Anything like that gets checked by the wayside because, fuck it, it’s not us.””



Taliesin Tale No. 4 München

Kraut-Psychedelic-Prog-Jam aus Kafe Kult und Freunde Beständen.

Einlass: 20:30 Uhr
Beginn: 21:15 Uhr
Eintritt: 10 Euro


Dienstag, 05.09.2017: Finisterre + Kachel

Finisterre (Crust/Hardcore/Punk)

… eine ganz eigene und verdammt packende Mischung aus dunkler Post Hardcore-Melancholie, D-Beat Gebolze und düsterem Crustpunk, unglaublich packend, direkt und intensiv. Und dabei so eigenständig, dass es eben nicht nach dem x-ten D-Beat-Abklatsch klingt, sondern in einer Liga mit den richtig guten und außergewöhnlichen Bands dieses Genres wie Fall of Efrafa, Alpinist oder Tragedy spielt. Hardcore mit Crust-Kante, abwechslungsreich, vielseitig und mit einer Düsternis, die selbst an einem strahlenden Sommertag dunkle Wolken an den Himmel treiben lässt. Mal metallisch, mal melodisch, dazu der sehr abwechslungsreiche und mehrstimmige Gesang und Texte, die hochpolitisch und wütend sind.

KACHEL (Hardcore/Punk)

“Das Problem ist doch eindeutig der selten dumme Bandname, mit diesem Namen wird man doch nicht über die bayerischen Landesgrenzen hinaus bekannt. Dabei sind das gute Jungs und ein nettes Mädchen” (Ox)
… Deswegen endlich auch wieder hier in München
Di. 05.09. | Kafe Kult | 20:30 Uhr


Samstag, 09.09.2017: LATTE+ & Russian Girlfriends


The year was 1997 and LATTE+ broke onto the scene with their first demo, “Dustbin in Town”, six songs that would set the stage for the next twenty years of straight up, in your face punk rock. Over the years, the line up would change and the band would be forced to take time off but the music always remained. After “Dustbin in Town”, the band continuedm to write in English and would eventually release their self-produced album, “The New Generation Sucks” in 1999. LATTE+ would begin to get the interest of independent labels and all copies of “The New Generation Sucks” quickly sold out. This exposure allowed the band to tour and play 50 shows within the next year. 2001 found the band in the studio recording their first label supported release, “Guerriglia Urbana”. Being their first release in Italian, this album would sell over 3000 copies and bring the band to the world stage performing in front of 4000 fans. Their position as an influential, leading group in the Italian independent music scene was now cemented. The 2005 release of “Molotov” further proved that LATTE+ was a punk rock force to be reckoned with.

Their schedule soon filled up with split records, tribute albums, and radio and television promotions. A few years later, the guys would find themselves in a transition period culminating in 2009’s “Non E’ Finita”, released through Florentine label Controtempo Produzioni. While touring to promote “Non E’ Finita”, the band continued to write and eventually produce “Asociale”, their 5th album (and arguably best to date), which was released in 2012. 17 years after they first emerged from the small Italian city of Empoli, LATTE+ would reach worldwide recognition in 2014 with “No More Than Three Chords”, a masterpiece of Ramones influenced songs perfected with that 1-2-3-4 punch of tight, fast paced punk rock ethos. Released through Italy’s Rocketman Records and eventually in the US on Outloud! Records, “No More Than Three Chords” would be played by fans in Italy, France, Germany, Japan, the US, Argentina and the world throughout. In 2016, in celebration of 20 years of dedication, the band released “Punk Rock 20”, a compilation of 20 of the best and even worst songs of their career. On February 23rd 2017 it’s been released their 7th long awaited album “Stitches”. The album is preceded by the singles “Screw You” and “Darkness Inside Your Heart” (official videoclips on YouTube), and it is produced by Professional Punkers in collaboration with Monster Zero for Europe and Outloud! Records for the US. With its 13 tracks of pure punk rock Ramones style, “Stitches” aims to confirm and pass the excellent response achieved by his predecessor “No More Than Three Chords”.




Russian Girlfriends USA

With roots in the Bay Area metal and Albuquerque punk scenes, Russian Girlfriends strikes a careful balance between raw youthful energy, infectious melodies, and thoughtful, story-driven lyricism.

The band formed in 2014, comprised of Albuquerque local scene veterans and ex members of Koffin Kats, Adam Hooks & His Hangups, and Glitter Dick. The original lineup; Adam Hooks as lead vocalist, Ian Jarrell and Colin Dowell on guitar, and Jeremy Keith on bass, was completed when Sasha Horn (drummer for Heathen, Novembers Doom, and Forbidden) joined as the band’s drummer.

“Hooks is a songwriting and vocal force of nature. His weapons are his pen, paper, and a voice that can floor you completely and serenade you sweetly. Dowell and Jarrel’s guitar lines Ride the Lightning and bite harder and faster than a pit of Ass Cobras. Horn is a prize fighter behind the drum kit. His precision and power drive each song, while Keith’s bass playing gets your hips shaking and makes it all go down smooth like a fine scotch.” – Gene Simmons

The group is quickly winning fans near and far as they have embarked on four tours across the United States. Most recently they hit the road as direct support for Red City Radio on their 2016 West Easy tour. Upon conclusion of that tour, they signed on with the Atomic Music Group Booking agency.

Russian Girlfriends proudly performed at “The Fest 15” in Gainesville, FL.

The band’s full-length debut, “All Around” draws on themes lifted from American history, Native American history, real life events, dreams, and relationships, all told with distinctly surreal and satirical undertones.

“All Around” is available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music.





Freitag, 15.09.2017: Hands Off Gretel + Braindead Wavelength

Hands Off Gretel UK

Launched Febuary 2015 by Singer/Songwriter Lauren Tate and guitarist Seán Bon, Hands Off Gretel have since been described as “One of the most exciting new bands” in the ‘Bands To Watch’ feature by US’s Alternative Press and ‘the best Alternative Rock band to come out of the UK in years’ – Ged Babey, Louder Than War.
Early 2016 saw Sam Hobbins(drums) and Joe Scotcher(bass) transform the rythm section line-up, securing a place to play at the Isle of Wight Festival, at their debut gig together, in front of festival organiser John Giddings. In 2016 Lauren fronted one of the youngest bands to ever play Whitby Goth Weekend (age 19), other festivals included, Camden Rocks Festival and Introducing stage at Rebellion Punk Music Festival, which secured them a retun gig for 2017. They also supported rising ‘Ugly Pop’ band Skating Polly from the USA on their first UK tour and Scott Putesky (former Marilyn Manson)at the Garage London.

September 2016 the band launched their first 13 track studio album ‘Burn The Beauty Queen’, following a successful DIY crowd funder backed entirely by their International online fan base. Colourful hand designed merchandise and limited edition exclusives and artwork, snapped up by fans wanting a piece of this history. The band raised 135% of their total in 2 months, smashing their target within weeks and funded the entire release themselves.

The band are the epitomy of DIY with everything, including design of band merchandise, album artwork, video production, photography and tour booking all being undertaken ‘in-house’. The lead track from the Album ‘One Eyed Girl’ was premiered by Alternative Press, along with the video produced Video by Lauren Tate.

The Album Tracks were featured on the iconic Rodney Beingenheimer’s radio show ‘Rodney On The Roq’ in the USA, with radio play on Kerrang! hosted by Johnny Doom, Airplay in Japan on the InterFM897 radio, Team Rock Radio, BBC Introducing Radio, and many more radio shows across the world.

“In an age of beige bands and nonchalant attitude to music, Hands Off Gretel come kicking and screaming like it’s the early ’90s and to be honest they are a breath of fresh air” – Uber Rock

Described by critics as ‘a new wave of 90’s nostalga’, influenced by late 80’s/ early 90’s Feminist ‘Riot Grrrl’ bands like ‘Bikini Kill’ and ‘Hole’, Hands Off Gretel have put their own neon pink stamp on a fresh genre of music for a new generation, with recognition from Shirley Mansen (Garbage) and Brody Dalle (Distillers) who have both followed and shared the bands music.

The album release and 28 date UK tour has attracted reviewers and photographers from all around the world, drawn in by their charismatic spell that the band harness live.
Plans for 2017 are taking shape, including a Spring Tour, Camden Rocks Festival, Rebellion Festival and a German Tour.

Braindead Wavelength is a three piece Post Grunge infused Metal band from Munich, Germany. The first line-up included Ben (Guitar), Charly (Bass) and Fred (Drums) joining in late July 2013 to mix up different sphere of influences. With a wide range on influence from all sides, the first 5 songs prepared and ready for their first show in November. After the success of the first year and playing various exciting shows in Munich, and even Vienna alongside Berufskleidung; Fred found his one true love and life commitment to a wonderful friend of the band, and emigrated to Australia late Summer of 2014. In the lead up to Fred’s departure came Dani in July of 2014, with incredible experience and still currently playing with ‘Pirates of Suburbia’. In September 2014, Braindead Wavelength recorded a one day Self Titled E.P with very positive results. In Winter of 2014 undergound popularity for the band was rising including recognition from Zombie Sessions and Soylent Gelb. Braindead decided in Early January 2015 to take part in two band competitions, muc-King and Sprungbrett (Fachstelle Pop).

Reaching the final of both ‘competitions’ leading to Summer of 2015, the band have been busy playing regular shows (including Theatron Olympiapark), gaining far more experience, and bonding very closely. The Band released their merchandise in August 2015 with great help from Theresa and Sophie. In September Braindead Wavelength embarked on a journey through the ages, to go back to an ancient Island called ‘Anglesey’ in Wales where Ben originates from. There, they have recorded their forthcoming 3 track E.P ‘Lost in Sin’ which was produced by Callum Lloyd Williams.

Since the recording of their E.P popularity rose further and reached out to wider audiences and local musicians. At the start of 2016, Wolfgang Wiemer [Meandering Mine, progressive] took an interest in the sound. He offered to Record and Mix the Debut full album which was already in the horizons. April 2016 saw the start of the Recording process with Wolfgang, which lasted a full month. After being Mastered by Callum Williams in early July the album was printed and ready for general release on the 12th of August, 2016. The same date, Braindead Wavelength played their sell out show in Glockenbachwerkstatt, with support from Matthew Austin [Manchester] and Phil Burrows [Memory Clinic, Wales].

Braindead Wavelength have a varied mix of influences. A call to the new generation of slackers facing no direction; a generation in need of change and opportunity to express themselves. A wonderful example of rebellion against the popular music scene. Braindead’s vibes give off a wave riding melodic dream feel mixed with back to reality hard distorted riffs. Mixing the perspective with themes of Neolithic psychedelia, present day social anxiety, Paranormal experiences, Love, Resentment and Hiraeth, to create the perfect trip around and back to normality.


Samstag, 16.09.2017: Hieb- und Stichfest 2017



Gorilla Angreb
Copenhagen punk legend back at it! Their first South Germany show ever!

Sniffing Glue
German hardcore stalwarts

Snotty KBD styled punk from Portland, Oregon. #biggestbandineurope

Youth Avoiders
Rough and rowdy hardcorepunk from Paris.

Kitt Wolkenflitzer
Melodic punkrock from Norddeutschland

Stalled Minds
Punkrock from Paris inspired by bands like the Marked Men

Dark and noisy hardcore from Austria

Theresa Chanson
Local singer / songwriter

+ distros, workshops and drinks

Doors: 14:00

Acoustic sets from 15:00

First band inside: 18:00

presented with help from:



27.08.2017: Oozing Wound + Taliesin Tale No. 4

05.09.2017: Finisterre (Bandcamp) + Kachel

09.09.2017: LATTE+ & Russian Girlfriends

15.09.2017: Hands Off Gretel + Braindead Wavelength

16.09.2017: Hieb- und Stichfest 2017 (Line-Up)

21.09.2017: PoiL + Support

29.09.2017: Lo Fat Orchestra

10.10.2017: Spectres + Pura Mania

14.10.2017: Distress + Spitting Nails + Unforgivable

07.11.2017: LÖSS (Bandcamp) + Support

12.11.2017: Schwervon! (Bandcamp)